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14 March 2008 @ 08:14 pm
housing progress  


all must come visit me next year in colchester, coz il have a lovely little house ^^ its 182A St. Andrew's Avenue - though surprising this is on an A road / duel carriageway? in the middle of colch anyway - but it's got it's own tiny little road/street running parallel to the v. big and noisy and scary road, which = good coz lots of parking space for the parents etc. it has a garage which has a door into it from the house (which means we are going to buy a pool table to put into it ^^ plus a loo+sink room. then up flight of stairs and get kitchen/lovely space for like a dining room. + garden outside which is on like three levels (coz its on a hill) - quite small but cute (good for un bbq ^^). then up a few steps and get a room wot looks the lounge and it is big and awesome. then up a few more stairs and get three bedrooms. 1 big, 1 medium and 1 small. so me and dale will have the bigger ones and tam will have the small one (coz he's living in my room too, its just an extra room for his stuff + if we get annoyed with each other :P). and also a bathroom upstairs, which we didn't get to see because someone was in it, LOL. but woman said it had a bath + shower head. so that's fine :P thus it is very quirky due to all the steps (plus indoor garage (aka: games room) ^^) and it's all v.v.v. cool.

only downsides is that the deposit is massive and its unfurnished - but thats ok coz my dad is moving out of his bridgwater house and back into trowbridge house (coz leaving job at bridgwater) and thus FURNITURE BLAG! we will have to acquire more furniture obv but there's always dale's dad's antiquing business, plus freecycle, plus charity / 2nd hand shops. ^^ me and dale have BIG PLANS MY FRIEND. they will be fun.

so yes. there's all of that. we've filled in the forms and paid and just need to sign something else early next week :)

it's been a very stressful day though. week, perhaps. have two essays due in monday/tuesday and haven't started either yet (have planned+note-taken completely for philosophy, just need to write the essay, but havent even chosen question for politics) and am out all day tomorrow. SHOULD BE FUN.

cant wait til easter. :P
Verbatimverbatum on March 15th, 2008 11:54 am (UTC)

The good thing about the deposit being big and not the rent is that you get the deposit back :P