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18 April 2008 @ 04:51 pm
General life update, as promised  
well hallo.
i am back at uni this week (well, as of yesterday), and its very nice having two days to be like NO LECTURES JUST MY LOVELY ROOM AND REVISION PLANNING etc. oh, and read bridget jones 2 which is, thankfully, nothing like the film. vg. ^^

realised had more money than needed so have bought tam's dad's birthday present a good three weeks early (go me) plus earrings from the same site cause they were only £3, plus pride and prejudice (bbc version) from amazon, plus pre-ordered new death cab album as amazon told me i only had to add £6 to my order to get free delivery and probs would have bought new death cab album when comes out in a few weeks anyway as death cab are current favourite band. :D yay, lots of things.

and me+tam bought an orange mobile so as to properly abuse orange wednesdays at colchester odeon. would like to see 21 (has anyone seen?) and sex in the city film which is out in may? which might be crap, but might not be. we are currently on episode 8 of series 1 - series 1 is shite, somewhat unexpectedly, but its getting better. she does EXTERNAL MONOLOGUE. when does she ever do that? i do not remember her ever doing that. it is mostly awful, but sometimes ok.

going to cam and mj's in norwich soon :D to live it up for their birfdees. huzzah. will see jamie and jess and miles and lots of new people and hopefully get some work done on the trains :P (seems unlikely, but am taking three books, so am feeling ambitious).

feel quite happy and content, which is strange considering four weeks til first exam and haven't started revising yet (and haven't worked all year) - BUT (as i continue to remind myself) a) my descartes essay (first essay of the year) was only 900 / 2000 words and absolutel shit but i got 50%. and you only need 40% to pass the exams. so HAH. b) in the next four weeks i will probably do more work and learning than have done all year, so will at least feel slightly more prepared / knowledgable. c) i have put the week for resits in my calendar and will keep it free. it is the first week of september, so if fail politics or enlightenment will have whole of summer to put right. :)

looking forward to the summer. is only 7 weeks away! (technically 10, but no idea what is supposed to happen after my exams... am i expected to stay in essex? UNLIKELY.) list of fab things: cottage, friends, garden party. list of possibilities: TEFL course with ellen, short camping holiday in new forest or somewhere similarly fab with parents, PK @ luci's, folk festival of some sort, work experience in london... LOOK AT ALL THE ACE POSSIBILITIES.

really am feeling v.g. :)

Current Music: Zebrahead, Something Corporate, Yellowcard (my happy clappy bands. :D)