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26 April 2008 @ 09:49 pm
hello fans.  
how be?
today was awesome. town was full of people, and warm and sunny, but me and tam LIKED it. was the perfect amount of warm. only downside being i was wearing the wrong clothes, so bought a tshirt in tk max and changed into it when we were at cafe for lunch :D it is lushious, brown with sequiny things in some places. also at tk max tam bought awesome trainers and i bought girly shoes, which is weird :P but they are AWESOME. heeled sandal things. like chunky heels. like 3 inches maybe. am nearly as tall as tam. ^^ bah ha. made the balls of my feet hurt tho. :( ah well!

we saw 21 at cinema, v.good film TO WATCH, v.bad ending tho? i dunno.
playing a lot of sonic / mario kart on gamecube at the moment (ace).
and i seem to have JUST discovered bbc iPlayer and online 40D. go me. :D have been watched dr who, id do anything, to buy or not to buy (<3 christian), and genius child, all vg. but methinks there's nothing else. dr who and id do anything were on tonight, so il watch them tomorrow, but what for the rest of the week? to buy or not to buy may be immense, but there's still only so much you can take :P

ANYONE GOING TO TROWBRIDGE PUMP FESTIVAL THIS YEAR? well we've applied to be stewards XD which would be ace, but i dunno how likely that is. (free ticket and you do some work over the weekend.) but even if we don't get that, i'm going with my two cousins anyway, il buy a ticket, and would be awesome if anyone else wanted to come :D £95 for a ticket if buy it by end of june, and fest. is 24th ish of july (like thursday-sunday). huzzah.

exams are LOOMING. but never mind that.

it is sunny. and i am happy. and tam is coming round soon to watch a crappy film on 40D and to snuggle and to sleep. more huzzah.

might phone mum. bit late mebbe? am only phoning after all to tell her of shoe situation. as it is awesome.

either way, ta ta :) xxx
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