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10 March 2008 @ 12:34 pm
but a very depressing one. pete has dropped out, is going to look for somewhere by himself, somewhere he can be happy with. cant be bothered to go into it, but after spending the whole day yesterday trying to sort out this house we saw in wivenhoe, it was a bit annoying.

but anyway.

we found five houses (3 bedrooms ones now) that we were going to look at on friday. 2 of them are in wivenhoe (where we want to live rly), i phoned the first and it's gone, i phoned the 2nd but it's unfurnished (on the website it said it was both furnished and unfurnished :P).

so i am feeling rather depressed.
08 March 2008 @ 05:25 pm
We have found a nice house but are currently arguing about who gets the bigger bedroom out of pete and dale. :P me and tam are having one big one small each so that we can share or split, which p+d are happy about. But there are two big and two small, and they both want the big one - p owns his own desk which is rather big and d has a longterm girlfriend who lives far away and comes to visit. Plus I think they both just want a big room.

So tis rather difficult. We have spent, probably, three hours talking about it on facebook :P
Current Music: Dallas Green <3
07 March 2008 @ 05:39 pm
Also, four houses booked for viewing over the next three days :O I shall let you know how it goes.

I am also about to go on an emotional journey with my philosophy essay about whether we can know about an external world. v. interesting but difficult. I shall have Dallas Green to get me through it ^^

love you.
07 March 2008 @ 05:38 pm
So let's face it, this was never what you wanted
But I know it's fun to pretend
Now blank stares and empty threats
Are all I have
They’re all I have…

So drown me if you can
Or we could just have conversation
and I fall, I fall, I falter.
But I found you before I drift away

Now you still speak of day old hate
Though your whole world has gone up into flames
And isn’t it great to find that you’re really worth nothing
And how safe it is to feel safe

So drown me if you can
Or we could just have conversation
And I fall, I fall, I falter.
But I found you before I drift away

The things we do just to stay alive
The things we do just to stay alive
The things we do just to stay alive

The things we do just to keep ourselves alive.
Current Music: Dallas Green -- Day Old Hate
06 March 2008 @ 11:45 pm
How goes it?
Have very little to say really.
Am extraordinarily tired. But that's coz I woke up at 9am for a housing fair wot woz a let down. (ie, houses went on the internet this morning but there was also a "housing fair" at 10, so we went along, and it was basically people handing out info wot is on the website. *twitches*)
I <3 Dallas Green. His tour which I discovered yesterday is sold out :'( but I have a friend who works at one of the venues Dallas Green happens to be playing at... And he said he would look into it... So HMMM.
In other news: Iron and Wine are touring again. YIPPEE. I dislike being poor. I remember the days when I used to have money. Those were good days. Oh yes, and if you would like to join us we're going to London and it is £15 and is on May 16th, I think. :)
In past news: Jimmy Eat World were immense live btw. ^^
I have only a few plans for Easter. Mum is having a birthday, but Hamlet is all sold out :( which is sad. So I expect we'll have a meal instead. Sam (not Wood) is having a party of sorts for his birthday (though of what sorts I expect he shall decide on the day). I am going to London to see les miserables with Lucy ^^. There is much Shackled City going to happen with Sam Ellie and Tam XD. That will be uber-lush. Tam's family are taking us to see His Dark Materials at the Theatre Royal in Bath. Which may be good and may be crap. But at least it is long.
That sounds like rather a lot of plans actually. :) There is also revision, obviously... And possibly a roadtrip back to uni for the Dallas Green gig... Loosh...
Choir is ace. Elgar is weird. Dream of Gerontius is immense. ^^ I am much looking forward to the concert.
Also really want to get a job/work experience. But it is difficult as I am always so busy and, to be honest, I could get a job in Colchester for the 9 weekends that I am here for, but then I go home for the entire holidays. And how do you get a summer job? It's all so very confusing. I am going to apply for work experience in London for September, that will be very fun ^^ (if they let me goo).
I think that possibly the reason I am poor is because I am spending my money on so many things. :P That would make sense, after all.

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20 February 2008 @ 02:30 pm
Btw, we no longer have a house. one of the guys pulled out, having discovered it was on the edge of a bad estate, and we dont know anyone to fill his bedroom, so no longer have a house. :( this is a very sad thing, as had plans for parties and bbqs and dvd fests.

BUT MOVING ON, as that has filled the last three weeks of having a house then not, am now going to move on.

Else in my life. University: getting better :) me and tam had a bit of an emo evening last night but we got over it. We feel essex might have been a mistake, but since neither of us are brave enough (or we dont think its practical) to pull out and consider other options, we have come up will the following game plan: smiling, drugs and alcohol. ^^

ps, Jimmy Eat World are awesome. If they play Sweetness a week on monday I might die.

I need some klivites. Might have to have a party at easter to celebrate the kilvite love. :D

Other exciting things: me and ellen are going to see the History Boys in London a saturday coming. XD it shall be awesome. Plus me and Lucy are going to see les mis some time at easter so that'll be AWESOME.

Going home for the weekend tomorrow, woopwoop. And have finished my enlightenment essay, which is SHIT but at least done and im sure twill be at least the minimum required to pass this year ^^ which is all that matters, rly. And am going to start my literature essay today which will be brill, so that's good.

I have nothing else remotely interesting to say. .... No, I really haven't. Just thought I'd say ello. :)

Current Music: JEW // Sweetness, then twas followed by The Middle XD ace.
06 February 2008 @ 06:50 pm

This morning myself, Tam, Pete and Dale went to look at two houses, one of which was supposed to be worse than the other but omfg the "worse" one was awesomes: v.good sized kitchen, with cute little stools to pull out from the counter and eat your breakfast ^^, one small garden and one medium one, the living room has two 2people sofas and a table with 4 chairs around it (and a space for a tv which i expect we will buy ourselves), 1 double room downstairs, 2 double rooms upstairs and a single room, a bathroom upstairs with a bath and a shower head, plus a loo and sink downstairs, and two storage type cabinet thingys... The heating is gas but the oven is electric (which I have slowly learned to live with this year) and, and... YAR.

The "double rooms" just means they're HUGE, but they all have single beds in them. What me and Tam are going to do is buy another single bed and push them together in one of the double rooms. I am going to technically have the double room and tam the single but the single is also the guest room, he'll just put his computer in there and sleep in there if we're annoying each other or WHATEVER.

The rooms seriously are ace... we've seen some absolutely tiny ones thus far. And they all come with wardrobes and desks = cool.

So we got home and started filling out the application form after our celebratory lunch and drink, deciding we should get it. Came to mine and phoned them up and paid for the admin fees and deposit over the phone which means they've taken it off the market. Ace. WHAT WAS SO LUSH THOUGH is that it's only been on the market a few days, and we were the first people to see it, and there were 2 more people viewing it this afternoon, one at 2pm (coz we heard her tell the people living there) and at 2:20pm it was ours, so bwahahahahahha. We felt v. evil and also cool.


I have a house for next year. We are getting it from the 1st of September (a, coz pete is a phd student so needs it early and b, coz it'd be quite cool to move in early and just live in it a bit) and costs £995 a month, meaning £250 each a month (which is £62 a week, and atm I'm paying £91 (tho that includes bills, the other one doesn't) but ace anyways.

I shall have an early birthday party in my house mid-September before everyone goes back to uni and it shall be awesome. Yessir.


I shall stop rambling now. I expect the most I could have done is told you we'd got a house then move on. OOH OOH it's also BY TESCO but like in a 1 minute walk away - it's in a close off a main round that's off the huge roundabout that tesco is by, so we have the convenience of tesco without the noise of it. Plus only a 20 minute walk to uni but also a bus stop 10 second walk away from back door. hehe.


So, how are you? I miss my kilvites, so I hope that sam/mj/cam/lucinda are all going to have birthday parties at easter than I can afford/am free to come to. ^^

Very lush things coming up in the following weekends. This Saturday ellen is coming to stay for the night, weekend after we're meeting Tam's family in London for food and theatre, the weekend after I'm going home for a thurs-mon weekend and on Saturday night am going to Exeter uni to see the thousands of people I know there (lucy, simon, jason, molly, rosie - it's freakish) aaand yeah. It's all gogogo.


AND, I said something which cheered Tam up lots so he's buying me a pizza XD him too, and we are going to eat and watch tv in a hyper celebratory manner then tomorrow back to health and essays :P.

Hope you all have something to feel this good about too :)
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10 December 2007 @ 12:07 pm
Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

Band Name: Shine
Amusingly, an album name by a band called Mother Love Bone :P
Album Name: Myrmica Faniensis
Apparently a species of insent in Belgium. :P

2. Consentius
3. TVR1
4. Josiah Latimer Clark
5. Microevolution
6. Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg
7. List of members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry
8. Hill City Municipal Airport
9. Barkenholm
10. Leg
11. Albert Coady Wedemeyer
12. The Unix Programming Environment
13. Veisiejai
14. Houtzdale, Pennsylvania
15. William Upski Wimsatt

Wow. What a crappy band.
I was really hoping that last one might save the days... Alas :P
(that may have worked well for other people but what a SHOCKING idea.)

I am going home on Saturday!!! Straight to Megan's lovely abode in Bristol, whereupon I shall feast on various kilvites ^^

Today is a FRANTIC day. Mine and Tam's philosophy essays are due in, but we're both 5/600 words over the 3,000 max word count, Tam emailed his teacher yesterday asking if that was k, and we're waiting for the reply, but the deadline is at 4pm o.O have done everything need to do besides actually handing paper in over the desk so that we can do that at 3 if he hasnt emailed back, but if he emails back at like 2:50, WHAT WILL WE DO THEN? If he emails now, fine, a few hours of FRANTIC editing and such. But we shall seeee.

I also have a literature essay due in tomorrow that I started yesterday XD I suck so hard. Tam said tis best to think of this year as a practice year, and thus I say to you that I did it on purpose to see if I could write a good essay in two days and see what mark I would get ^^ so yes, today is all about myth in the metamorphoses and homer \m/ only one of which I have read. ... WILL BE FINE.

I also want to get that done before this evening because film club are showing PotC 3 :D which is an awesome film and might go to if Tam comes, or even if he's gone out to D&D and I seem to have finished lit essay ^^

What else. Yesterday me and Tam went shopping and bought food :O I was so shocked at the idea of having food in my flat again that I bought mini muffins and a chocolate orange :D that is being saved for tomorrow night's celebration at end of autumn term essays ^^

Then Tuesday it is going to watch Dale (drama friend) prance around square 3+4 with his acting buddies pretending to be snobs / nerds / and something else which I can't remember. The amusing thing is he doesn't know why he has to do it. So me and Tam and Pete are going to see in the blues cafe which overlooks square 4 and watch with cruel amusement XD that'll be fun.

Then more lectures, etc...

Thennnnn... What else? Oh Thursday Dale is dragging us to the theatre again. Last week we went to see something the drama club had put on, which was some greek tragedy thing (cant remember the name) in which there was the words "fuck", "cunt", a woman giving her step-son a blowjob, and a nun going on to her knees to give the same boy a blow job (luckily on this one the lights faded out pre-blowjob, but on the first one we actually had to watch for like 30 seconds while her head went up and down near his pants. o.O oh, and we had to watch him masturbate while watching tv. With a sock.


Needless to say, we were shocked at Dale dragging us along. (I'd like to point out, I'm all for crudeness if it serves a point and is done well but this was SHOCKINGly bad and a lot of it felt v. unecessary. And the acting was terrible. Etc. :P) But he promises Thursday to be better. Tis about Alice in Wonderland methinks and is supposed to be good and arty and such. :)

Tis awesomes.

I had best go have some lunchs now coz got a lecture at 1.

Byes Chaps xxx
Current Music: Poets of the Fall // Lift ^^
26 November 2007 @ 09:17 pm
has been a while, but, basically, i have been waiting until i was in a better mood to post :P LOL what a good beginning to a diary post. I will read this in the future (probs not) and think I did not enjoy university. (well, it's probs true, but not TOTES.)

(me enjoys chav-lang.)

Good things about university: me and tam hang out, like, ALL THE TIME.
(Bad thing about uni: me and tam hang out all the time - i get no work done :P alas.)

Also, I rather like living by myself. Have gotten used to the fact that my house is small and contains three rooms, one of which is inside my main room, and the other of which strangers go in and out of occasionally and refuse to keep the table clear.

I'm also kind of over the whole "o noes i has no friends" thing cause I have pete and dale, they are lovely, and I have all my trowbo and kilvey buddies so it's ok really :) I'm sure I will make more friends eventually, for now I feel very lucky to have Tam. (arent i GRIM?)

(I just did the HUGEST washing up EVAR. I have all of tam's plates and precisely half of his cutlery. bah ha.)

I have two essays due in in two weeks. And they're the BETTER two. And I haven't started them yet. (WHY NOT? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?) Technically tonight I shall start note-taking from books and plans and such. We shall seee... :D

Some news.
Sunday DnD is so SHIT that me and tam have now officially stopped going. We just emailed the DM saying soz but work has been piling up and we're too busy etc etc.

In other words:
Every week he kills off a few people. Literally. Tam has been killed twice now, which would mean he'd have made 3 characters in like 4/5 sessions. I didn't go to the last one, when Phil realised I wasn't there he said "Oh but I wanted to kill her! I'll have to wait til next week" cause my character hasn't died yet. O_O He even stated that he wouldn't be doing a good job if he didn't kill off at least one of us a week.

Tbh, what's the point in playing DnD minus character development?

He also didn't give us XP, said that instead he would level us up when he thought we deserved it type thing. We're on level 3 and there's been like 5 sessions. Another group that's running is on level 8. (which might, on the other side, be too much tbh, but you get the point.)

ALSO, the game is army-based, so we're in an army running around battling people. That's literally it. No roleplaying or anything, just battles. It's incredibly boring.

Poor phil. We've spoken to other players and from what we've calculated by talking to different people, only one person is still gonna go, everyone else is dropping out. I do feel sorry for him, but he's a crap DM.

So Tam went to another DnD game tonight instead, said it looked pretty cool (though 8ish people playing :S sounds a bit long to me) and he is at home right now finishing creating his character :) I probably won't go, I rather like the idea of Tam going out every Monday night so that I can gets some stoofs done! Be it essays or housework... (lols, housework. I am old.) Also, would have considered it, were it not for the 8ish people. Spect they wouldn't want someone else going also.

Favourite bands lately:

Nancy Elizabeth (alt. folk. ish. kinda. Go seeeth her myspace if you are interested.)
Jimmy Eat World (who I am going to see in MARCH!! :O woahs, you might say. XD)
Death Cab for Cutie (best songs= We Laugh Indoors & Title and Registration)


We have currently been watching Supernatural series 1 second half, having FINISHED SERIES 7 OF BUFFY.
I saw it when twas on tv, but didn't remember it AT ALL (apart from the last episode, which was annoying :P). After all my rememberance of it being crap, was actually kinda excellent. Oh the tension, etc.
Anyway, Supernatural is good but will never be brilliant I feel. Each episode feels very separate to the last and there's only a very quiet storyline attaching it all. But tis still v. enjoyable to watch :D

*airs bedroom, but as a consequence is cold. how sad. :(*

I'm sure there should be more updates than that.

Leaving Uni: 15th Dec
Megan's party: 15th Dec
Holly visiting?: 15th-19th Dec
Awards evening: 17th Dec (nice chance to catch up with school people ^^)
(poss. going away with Tam's family: 20th-23rd Dec)
Jason's bday: 22nd Dec
Trowbo christmas party: 24th Dec
Christmaaas: 24th-26th Dec
Kilvite party hosted by me :D poss. the Friday between christmas and new year's eve
(dinnae worry, haven't planned or got permission or emailed yet, am in the midst of persuading my mum)
New Year's Eve: 31st (will either do family things or last-minute trowbo/kilvite party ^^)
Going to AMSTERDAM!!!: 2nd-10th January ^^

Me and Tam are going to Amsterdam on holiday for a week.
It shall be awesome.
We have been planning this for a week. Made a list of all the cities in Europe we wanted to go to, gave them scores, decided eventually on Budapest, Amsterdam, Italy (eg Vienna / Florence / Rome) or somewhere in Russia. I then vetoed and Russia was dropped like a biatch. Then we dropped Italy decided was nae interesting enough (ie, people go there lots). Then decided on Budapest as being more interesting again.

...Looked up trains. Found was v. expensive.
So looked up trains to Amsterdam.
...Found was v. expensive.
Cried and dismayed etc etc.
Heather INGENIOUSLY looked up coaches, affordable to both :D
Tam made the very good point that maybe we could save Budapest to do one day when we can afford to do it properly (elsewise 30 hour coach journey for just one week).

Thus, have emailed a bed and breakfast in Amsterdam that looks GORGEOUS and am v. v. excited ^^

So yes. That's that.

My holidays look a bit depressingly booked up already.

Saaam wanna play it dnd? ^^ When are you free?

What elsey.
Long post.
Oh wells.

3 weeks til home ^^ rather excited.

Goodbye all,
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31 October 2007 @ 04:54 pm
I have lots of new films. Since I have come to uni:
The History Boys (tesco), Firefly series (bday pressie), Fearless (bday pressie), Spaced 2 (amazon), Star wars 3 (amazon), Oceans 11 (amazon)

^^ Isn't it wonderful?

The amount of money I have spent is not. Alas.

Am listening to Incubus and Brand New of late. Aerobics is starting. :( I need to shower. Don't know what to have for dinner tonight. And I don't know how to understand something that I DON'T understand. For Nagel's essay on death, I went through and summarised every paragraph, and that's my essay (it's supposed to be a short summary, don't worry) - but I don't understand his point, and I can't find anything inconsistent or anything not-backed-up or flawed or lacking in his argument. So my essay is crap. It doesn't go towards anything, and is meant as a practicise, but I still feel poo about it. :(

I think I might get into bed and watch something. Can't think what else to do.
Need to read Descartes...
Maybe I'll do that in a little bit.

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